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The Strategic Role of Constraints

When the architect Frank Gehry was asked if society curtails individual imagination, he famously said: “I don’t think it does… You curtail your own imagination if you do it. Certainly there are constraints… Gravity is a constraint, finally. But those are, to any artist, manageable.” What an inspiring quote. It sounds quite […]

Welcome to Workplace Karma!

Welcome, Dear Reader! You have reached a Top E-learning Blog as featured on In addition to posting on topics related to e-learning, I also post about my experiences with learning frameworks, theories, and technologies, performance support, organizational development, social media, and business analysis and consulting. Browse around! I hope you find some […]

Collaboration in Training Projects

I recently had a unique collaborative experience on a multi-organization project that spans across a tightly regulated industry. In this post, I would like to share the 10 parameters of this successful collaboration. The project, comprising of 16 initiatives (a few of which are training related), is a collaboration among […]