Dear Reader,

Welcome to Workplace Karma! This space has been my scratchpad of reflection and learning since 2015. I have more than 12 years of experience as a TL&D (training, learning, and development) practitioner. My focus lies in activating capability frameworks, development strategies, learning portfolios, TL&D operating models, and learning culture transformations across India, USA, and the EU. Quite organically, I’ve grown into something of a TL&D specialist for pharma, biotech, and medical devices organizations. Learning solutions designed by me have been instrumental to clinical study management training, medical affairs & launch excellence training, and medical devices sales & compliance training. Some of my work has also been recognized by industry bodies.

Why Workplace Karma?

I love my work, and take care to ensure that I can continue to do so! This means:

  • learning continuously,
  • applying my curiosity and creativity,
  • extracting myself from disrespectful projects, teams, and power games,
  • forming allyships with other passionate TL&D practitioners, and,
  • giving back to the TL&D community whenever I can.

These approaches have served me well. I’m lucky to have worked with passionate TL&D peers and mentors on high-impact learning and development interventions that have measurably transformed employee performance.

I believe TL&D is essentially a creative endeavor. The TL&D analytical frameworks and tools we apply for our clients also have the potential to help us realize our own biases, cleanse our egos, and give us tools to design the next steps of our professional lives.

The name of this blog is a testament to my personal approach to TL&D as also a nod to my Indian roots. A more detailed explanation is in my post here: Explaining Workplace Karma.

I hope some of my posts here on Workplace Karma will be of interest to you. If you so like, please leave a reply below telling me about yourself and of your interest in training and/ or learning- I love to connect with other TL&D practitioners!

Note: Images used here are either purchased or created by me, and licensed only for use on this blog.