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Welcome to Workplace Karma

Dear Reader, Welcome to Workplace Karma! This is a scratchpad of my learnings, non-learnings, and un-learnings as a learning industry practitioner. My interests lie in learning design, engagement, platforms & tech, and analytics. I hope some of my posts will be of use to you.

Using Social Media as a Learning Strategy

As some of you know, I work for a vaccines manufacturing organization. Our primary training content is scientific in nature; however, topics like vaccine hesitancy and public healthcare approaches to vaccination are also extremely important. And, while these topics can be trained using classroom/ virtual lectures with an SME, they […]

Marketing your Learning Program

Oftentimes, we are called in to consult for clients who show us their current training program with a request to improve it. When we ask them why they’d like to improve it, the most common response is that the program failed to fly, that Learners did not complete all their assignments, that […]

A Focus on Qualitative Research

I am currently enrolled in a course on qualitative research and learning so much from it. Or, to be more correct, ‘unlearning’ so much from it. The course is quite academic and planted in western philosophic concepts like ontology, phenomenology, epistemology, pragmatism, etc. Simple recap: Ontology helps us categorize things […]

What’s the deal with Personas?

Do you find it beneficial to use personas during your training requirements research? Have you used personas to conduct audience interviews, or to present findings and solutions to management? Personally, I find personas to be one step too many in the research process; an application of story-telling where it is […]