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Welcome to Workplace Karma!

Welcome, Dear Reader! You have reached a Top E-learning Blog as featured on In addition to posting on topics related to e-learning, I also post about my experiences with learning frameworks, theories, and technologies, performance support, organizational development, social media, and business analysis and consulting. Browse around! I hope you find some […]

ADDIE vs Kotter’s 8 Steps: Change Management for a Training Program

In this post, I try to identify why the popular, training project management, ADDIE Model (Analysis- Design-Develop-Implement- Evaluate) cannot be applied to certain types of training projects. ADDIE does not include any mechanism for project management, stakeholder management, or change management, all critical for the project in question. This finding was also corroborated by stakeholders […]

Part I: Women & Leadership: The Challenges

Building up towards World’s Women’s Day next month (March 08), I am dedicating this post and the next to identifying challenges in, and remedial frameworks for, women’s progression to leadership roles in the workplace. In this post, I’ll collate the challenges women face in their progression to leadership roles. And in Part […]

Using 70:20:10 as a Reference

My last project of 2016 is to review and re-design the learning strategy for a legacy systems training program. As we start looking at historical data on the program and to identify key improvement areas, our suggestions seem to organically reflect the 70:20:10 principles, namely: 70% of learning is experiential. […]

Building a Community amidst Change

Hidden among the usual array of enterprise level projects are the small, internal projects that sometimes bring me more satisfaction in terms of employee engagement and empowerment. Here is one such initiative from a few years back. Challenge: Motivate a team of  70- 100 employees spread across 5 global locations […]