Successful training empowers learners to make connections- with the learning content, with each other, among information received from multiple trainings, and between a challenge and its potential solutions. What sort of learning mechanisms can we build into training to encourage learners to seek connections? Here are some possibilities:

  1. Exploration: Encourage learners to select an area of interest for a deep-dive.
  2. Integration: Encourage learners to compare and contrast the information gathered from multiple trainings.
  3. Resolution: Encourage learners to resolve a current challenge they face as a group.
  4. Triggering: Encourage learners to identify hitherto unrecognized challenges using the information from the training.
  5. Reflective Inquiry: Encourage learners to move away from understanding the training content to analyzing, criticizing, evaluating, and manipulating the same.
  6. Enrichment: Encourage learners to use reflective inquiry methods to create NEW training content.
  7. Support: Encourage learners to train a team member on the same topic.
  8. Metacognition: Encourage learners to reflect on their learning process (keep a learning journal, bring their questions to a workshop set up expressedly to discuss the same, etc).

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