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Using LMS Reports to analyze Training Data

The push for a new learning management system, or for an upgrade to the existing LMS, is usually an enterprise requirement for larger volumes of training assignment, or the design and development of more complex/ comprehensive training programs. The larger and more complex an organization’s training program, the larger and […]

Working with external Agencies

While I started my career in the learning and performance industry as a trainee consultant, I now work as a Training Manager in an internal role in a pharmaceutical company. In fact, I have worked as a Consultant for approx. 7 years and as a Manager for about 5 years. […]

Explaining Workplace Karma

The longer I am gainfully employed, the more convinced I am that the principles that apply to our personal life apply to our professional life as well. By this, I of course don’t mean that the hours we spend at work are as important as those we spend with our family and […]