A great personal satisfaction to end my year’s writing with a 2’000 word article published in Talent Development magazine’s December 2022 issue: Layer Evaluation Data for Deeper Insights.

Many, many, thanks to the TD.org editors who took the first draft through multiple review rounds, helping me make meaningful changes till we arrived at the final version that is now published.

TD magazine is a paid publication so you’ll need an account to read the full article, which talks about how we don’t often make full use of the various data sets related to employees and their learning and engagement as may be collected by one function or another. The data is used by the function commissioning it, but as it is not shared, it is not used any further within the organization. Or, the TL&D function finds the analysis and correlation of multiple data sets too daunting, and thus again, relegates the data. The article explains how, in the absence of a sophisticated LMS or LXP, such data can still be corelated to provide deep and wide insights into the state of TL&D in the organization.

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