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ADDIE vs Kotter’s 8 Steps: Change Management for a Training Program

In this post, I try to identify why the popular, training project management, ADDIE Model (Analysis- Design-Develop-Implement- Evaluate) cannot be applied to certain types of training projects. ADDIE does not include any mechanism for project management, stakeholder management, or change management, all critical for the project in question. This finding was also corroborated by stakeholders and project sponsors.

To address change management, I find it very effective to layer the ADDIE model with Kotter’s Eight Step Change Model. The model works for training programs because along with including project management milestones, it also has marketing and stakeholder management mechanisms.


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Swati Sengupta

I am a Learning and Performance Consultant from India currently based in Zürich, Switzerland. Over the last 13 years, I have consulted for clients in the retail, technology, manufacturing, banking, shipping, BPO, and healthcare industries. For more details, please visit my Bio page by clicking on the Menu.

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