Free Download for April: Kirkpatrick Level 3 Evaluation Template

Donald Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation are designed as a sequence of methodologies to evaluate training programs.

Level Focus Area of impact Evaluation question
1 Reaction Immediate reaction of trainees Are the trainees satisfied?
2 Learning Increase in trainees’ knowledge and skills What have the trainees learned?
3 Behaviour How trainees apply their new knowledge and skills What do trainees do differentl the workplace?
4 Results How the training affects the trainees’ broader area of work What is the effect on the output of the trainee’s team or department?
5 Return  on investment Wider impact on the achievement of public health programme objectives How has the training contributed to achieving public health objectives?

At Level 3, the degree to which participants apply what they learned during training is measured (ie: how the learning has transferred into skills and how the learning has influenced a change in the learner’s behavior). Such a transference and change might be aided by processes and systems that reinforce, encourage, and reward performance of critical behaviors on the job.

I often create training for clinical study staff at both the global and local levels, and use the level 3 questionnaire below in various forms. This is not my original work, but an adaptation of a paper on the training evaluation methodologies at the WHO published in 2010. Just paying the good karma forward 🙂

Click the link below to download.

Apr 2015 Free Download: Kirkpatrick Level 3 Evaluation Questionnaire

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